Who We Are

Pragmatic Leaders

Forged Consulting is a boutique leadership consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. Though small, our former client list includes organizations such as Cherry Coating, US Concrete, ScaleMatrix and others.

Largely composed of former U.S. Special Operations Forces leaders—less than 1% of the military—we’ve built and led some of the most elite organizations in the world. We understand that human capital is the source of all intellectual property, process, and technologies, and that people are the most important component of any high-performing team.


Authenticity: The most effective method for building an intrinsically motivated culture is through authentic servant leadership.

Pragmatism: We don’t teach complex or theoretical principles—we believe that simplicity, executed flawlessly, is the best approach to solving organizational problems. Our clients love us because we’re practical, reliable and we simplify complexity.

Boldness: We are direct, honest, resilient, creative problem solvers with a history of challenging conventional and ineffective leadership methodologies and techniques. We do not shy away from challenges and we work hard to deliver results.

Sophistication: Our leadership methodologies and philosophies are highly developed, underpinned by academic theory, and have been tested in the most demanding environments in the world. However, the services we provide result in simple, practical, and actionable solutions—simplicity being the ultimate sophistication.


Forged Consulting is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB, VA Certified)